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community weblog - [ Ice boaters in Loveland seek adrenaline, speed, thrills ]

Ice boaters in Loveland seek adrenaline, speed, thrills


On a day that wind speeds reached nearly 30 mph, biting gusts roared like a lion across Boedecker Lake, announcing a coming storm.

The conditions turned the lake into an isolated ice desert. They also prompted Loveland resident Rick Hypes to rush there with a smile -- a big smile -- and a specially designed ice boat.

"It's exactly like sailing on the ice," Hypes said. "But it's colder and faster ... I describe it as a four- or five-senses sport."

The appeal of sitting on a small craft outfitted with three large blades and a sail, steering with your feet and zipping across the ice without brakes, powered only by wind gusts, is difficult to explain without experiencing it. But Hypes chooses a few words: adrenaline, speed, thrill.

"It's the allure of being powered by nature," added fellow ice boater Dan Kellogg, also a Loveland resident.

Ice boating can be traced back thousands of years as a form of transportation in Scandinavia, and it spread to the United States with immigrants in the 1800s.  more...

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