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North Star Junior Sailing

North Star Junior Sailing, Inc. is a nonprofit community sailing program, sponsored in part by North Star Sail Club. It is a US Sailing member organization, which uses USSA certified instructors to teach sailing to beginner and advanced (racing) programs to students ages 9 to 18. North Star Junior Sailing provides boats such as Optimists, Lasers, 420s and Flying Juniors for instruction, is a member of the Detroit Regional Yacht-racing Association Junior Sailing, and is committed to the education of the public on safe boating habits and skills, while exposing students to the art, science and fun of sailing. North Star Junior Sailing, Inc. is a Michigan Non-Profit Corporation formed on April 24th, 1990 as a charitable non-profit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service under Code Section 501(c)(3).
North Star Junior Sailing, Inc. is the only educational community access program on Anchor Bay, featuring on-the-water instruction, while providing public access to Anchor Bay and serving the Clinton River community. North Star Junior Sailing is dedicated to preserving and promoting all aspects of Junior Sailing, to encourage self-development and self-sufficiency, and to educate and train young sailors in a discipline that will better prepare them for society.
In a time of declining participation and interest in sailing as a sport, North Star Junior Sailing endeavors to promote sailing as a sport among youth in the community. At a time when water related fatalities are on the rise, North Star Junior Sailing is dedicated to educating a new generation of young sailors in safe boating skills. However, to be effective, junior sailing must be affordable. Rising costs and aging boats threaten this mission.
Only half of our operating expenses are derived from program revenues. The balance of our funding comes from individuals and clubs such as North Star Sail Club, which graciously provides us with a subsidy and facilities. Our operating expenses do not include fleet replacement. We use mainly Opti’s, FJ’s, Lasers, and 420’s in our program.
Several organizations have helped raise funds to replace the aging fleet. America True and The Blue Gavel sponsored fundraising that has allowed us to purchase new equipment. Also, the Lolly Boston Memorial Fund was created to honor the worthy and benevolent influence of the Boston family in the sport of sailing in our community. The Boston family, having given so much to sailing through their generosity, encouragement, and dedication to service, mourned the passing of Lolly, their maternal patriarch, in 2001.
Contributors to the Fund continue her efforts by providing funding to replenish the Junior Sailing Fleet with new instruction boats. A plaque commemorating the Lolly Boston Memorial Fund was presented April 4, 2002, to North Star Sail Club, from North Star Junior Sailing, which displays the mission of this fund along with the boats purchased through this fund and the major contributors that have made this all possible. We also have additional fundraising activities, like last years Can Drive and Parade of Lights Auction.
The program dates vary slightly from year to year beginning in mid June and running through the first week in August. The program is open to the public and teaches sailing to beginner and advanced (racing) programs to all students ages 9 to 18, using mainly Opti’s, FJ’s, Lasers, and 420’s.   more...
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