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Newsletter - Friday 7/24/2010


Special Request from the Publisher and Editor of H2Onotes

H2ONotes Readers:

It has come to our attention that the City of Mackinac Island is considering alternatives in managing the expiration of ferry franchise licenses and might ultimately deny Shelper’s Ferry Service its franchise.  As lifelong Michigan residents and frequent visitors to Mackinac Island we have found Shepler’s service to be 2nd to none.  It concerns us that the City of Mackinac Island is even publically considering limiting competition and driving a family business out of the community.

Please join us in letting the Mayor and City Council of Mackinac Island know that we value Shepler’s service to the community and that decisions by the City to limit competition would be unwelcome.

Voicing you concern is as easy as sending an email to the Assistant to the Mayor or the City Clerk.  If you like, you could send a copy to Shepler’s and let them know you support them also:

Mackinac Island City Clerk:               clerk@cityofmi.org
Assistant to the Mayor:                       assistant@cityofmi.org
Shepler’s Ferry Service:                      information@sheplersferry.com


Please forward this letter to the Mayor and City Council members at your earliest convenience:

Mayor Margaret M. Doud & City Council Members
Office of the Mayor
Mackinac Island
Lakeshore Drive
Mackinac Island, Michigan   49757

Dear Mayor Doud and Council Members,

I am writing to voice my support for the renewal of the Shepler’s Mackinac Island Ferry Service Franchise Agreement.

As a resident of Michigan I am a frequent visitor to Mackinac Island.  My family and I have found Shepler’s Ferry Service to have a higher standard of service than any of the other providers.  Denying them the right to continue in competition to the other providers is fundamentally wrong.  It will lower the overall quality of service to your island guests and ultimately result in a higher cost to everyone.

For many island visitors, Shepler’s is the first and last “island experience”.  The city could not have a better representative of its interests than Shepler’s.   People that have a good experience will return to the Island and spend money year after year.  There is little doubt in my mind that eliminating the Shepler’s license will adversely impact the economy of the Island.  You can’t arbitrarily eliminate the service leader and not anger your most loyal customers.

I am formally asking you to renew the Shepler’s Franchise Agreement and grant them the ability to continue to set the standard for excellence in service.



Chicago Match Racing Center's Autumn Open A - Hardesty leads in bluste

Chicago Match Racing Center (CMRC)'s Autumn Open A - The Windy City lived up to its name today as gusty southwest winds hitting 25 knots brought thrills and spills to competitors and spectators alike in the first day of the ISAF Grade 3 Chicago Match Race Center’s (CMRC) Autumn Open A regatta.

Top-seeded Bill Hardesty (USA) and his Team Line Honors performed best in the blustery breeze, earning an undefeated 9-0 score to lead the group of ten teams from four nations in Round Robin action today.

Maintain Voltage to Keep Your Marine Electronics Sane

Connect your multi-meter to your battery as shown to check your cranking voltage. Source: The PowerBoater’s Guide to Electrical Systems, by Ed Sherman This question came in from a reader recently, identifying a very common problem, which has several possible solutions: How come my fish-finder screen goes crazy when I’m starting my engines? When I’m cranking the engines, I see diagonal swatches of color on the screen. Once the engines are running, everything seems to be alright. more...

Expert ties water use to Canada's pocketbook

MONTREAL -- He's calling for a revolution in how Canadians think about water and how they use it -- whether it's for washing their cars, rinsing their hair or flushing their toilets.

A prominent water expert says Canadians shouldn't fear warnings that the resource could someday be in short supply, because the country is flooded with it and likely won't run out.

What he wants Canadians to keep in mind is the energy cost associated with using water.   more...

Melges 24 North Americans - Adam Burns leads after day one

Melges 24 North American Championship 2010 being hosted by the Rochester Yacht Club on Lake Ontario got off to a flying start with an opening day featuring clear blue skies, hot sunshine and a warm easterly wind that gradually built from six knots to around 17 knots through the day.

When the boats first got to the race area the wind was sub-six knots but after an 85 minute postponement race one was underway on a one mile windward leeward course with six knots from 170 degrees.

Hawk migration underway

The cold front that rained and blew its way through the region Thursday night may be just what the doctor ordered for boosting the magnificent annual passage of thousands of hawks around the northwest corner of Lake Erie.  more...

Help with beach cleanup

The 25th annual International Coastal Cleanup is on Saturday. In past years, more than half-a-million volunteers in 100 countries have removed millions of pounds of trash from beaches and waterways.  more...

The battle for Farr Island

A fight over the fate of a little artificial island in the northeast corner of Hamilton Harbour has landed in federal court.

On the one side are Hamilton environmentalists who want to submerge the gravelly mound beneath the waves to create a bigger reef for spawning fish. On the other is an animal-rights activist from London, Ont., who says the only purpose of sinking the island is to destroy habitat of “hated” double-crested cormorants. more...

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