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Newsletter - Monday 7/29/2013


$51.2 million federal plan offered to protect Great Lakes from Asian carp

President Barack Obama's administration unveiled the federal government's latest efforts on Wednesday to protect the Great Lakes from the Asian carp, including an upgrade of an electronic barrier in Illinois and an Indiana project that would serve as a buffer between the Mississippi River basin and the lakes.

The $51.2 million plan, building on a 2010 initiative, will raise spending to $200 million to keep the lakes free of the invasive carp, according to federal authorities.

The strategies, known as the 2013 Asian Carp Control Strategy Framework, are designed to stop the spread of the carp from entering the Great Lakes, including a primary access point in Lake Michigan.   more...

Studying Lake Michigan's currents

A team of researchers at Purdue is getting a better understanding of the currents in Lake Michigan.

Cary Troy, assistant professor of civil engineering, and four students spent most of last week on the lake taking measurements. He says they used a dye to trace the movements of the water in the deepest part of the southern basin.  more...

1839 shipwreck found in Lake Ontario

The sunken remains of a vessel that’s believed to be the oldest confirmed commercial schooner shipwreck in the Great Lakes has been found in Lake Ontario near Oswego, where it went down during a fierce storm in 1839, a team of New York-based underwater explorers announced.

Jim Kennard of Fairport, Roger Pawlowski of Gates and Roland Stevens of Poultneyville said Thursday they located the wreck of the Atlas last month while searching for sunken ships on Lake Ontario’s eastern end. The team’s side-scan sonar found the shipwreck in more than 200 feet of water about 2 miles north of Oswego, Kennard said.  more...

Tall ships make a grand entry

There’s something about those tall ships. They make every kid yell “cool” and adults click away with cameras, their mouths agape.

But Dorothy Church of Grand Rapids may have worded it best as she sat on the north pier nearly under the Aerial Lift Bridge just after the Peacemaker made a dramatic pass.

“I’m always amazed at what it must have been like,” Church said. “It makes me nostalgic, even though I wasn’t around 200 years ago.”   more...

Union Township unsure of what to do with broken wind turbine

Unsure of what to do with its broken turbine, Union Township officials have tabled making a decision until the township consults with Central Michigan University.

The north Skystream, a $16,634 grant-funded wind turbine installed for research purposes, no longer works, and the city is not sure why.

Though the township discussed a few options at its Wednesday night meeting, a decision was tabled until township officials could discuss those options with Tom Rohrer, CMU professor and director of the Great Lakes Institute for Sustainable Systems. more...

House considers Sleeping Bear wilderness

Legislation under consideration in Congress would designate about 32,500 acres within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore as wilderness.

The House Committee on Natural Resources held a hearing on the measure this week in Washington, D.C. It would ensure that natural features of the wilderness areas would be preserved, while county roads, historical structures and public access to Lake Michigan would be protected. more...

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