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Newsletter - Monday 7/15/2013


Unlocking the secrets of sea lamprey love

The sea lamprey is an invasive fish with a round mouth like a suction cup.  It latches onto big fish like lake trout and salmon, drills its razor sharp tongue into them, and gets fat drinking their blood and body fluids. A single lamprey can kill up to 40 pounds of fish in its lifetime.

Scientists spend a lot of time trying to outsmart them, and they’ve just made a new discovery.  more...

Windquest is first to finish in racing fleet!

Congratulations to Windquest, a Max Z86 owned by Dick and Doug DeVos, on being first to finish in the racing fleet in the 105th Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac, presented by Veuve Clicquot.
Windquest finished late Sunday evening at 21:56 CDT. Doug DeVos said it seemed like there were two different races in one, with the first leg benefitting from a good breeze, and the second facing challenging wind conditions. 
"The first part of the race was lots of fun, good breeze, we made good time and moved along. Then the last bit from just north of the Manitous on up was very challenging, a lot of light air and really tough," he said.   more...

CSL Adds New Trillium Self-Unloaders to Lakes Fleet

Canada Steamship Lines' (CSL) third of four newly-built Trillium Class self-unloading Lakers, Whitefish Bay, is being prepared for its maiden voyage through the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System.  The ship recently arrived in Montreal after a long ocean voyage from its shipyard in the People's Republic of China (PRC).  more...

15 Reasons to Love Summer in Michigan

Summer is officially underway in Pure Michigan! To celebrate the season, we asked fans on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram “What do you love most about summertime in Pure Michigan?”

From outdoor events and festivals to long days at the beach and much more, summer means something special to everyone. Below is a roundup of just some of our favorite responses from fans. If yours is missing, tell us in the comments section below what summer in Michigan means to you!   more...

Longboats pull in for overnight stay this week

 The 110 foot tall ship FairJeanne dispatches longboats as part of a War of 1812 reenactment .
In the days of sailing ships a vessel would carry several ship's boats for various uses. One would be a longboat, an open boat to be rowed by eight or ten oarsmen, two per thwart.

The longboat was double banked, its rowing benches were designed to accommodate two men each pulling an oar on opposite sides.

The longboat would have fairly fine lines aft to permit its use in steep waves such as surf or wind against tide where need be. Like other ships' boats, the longboat could be rigged for sailing but was primarily a pulling boat.  more...

A new report says it's time to tackle a potential Asian carp invasion in the Great Lakes

This Ontario Family Fishing Week, a new report warns of the threat of an invasive species which could put the health of the Great Lakes at stake, and damage Ontario's boating, fishing and tourism economies. The report released today, Tipping the Scales: How Canada and Ontario Can Prevent an Asian Carp Invasion of the Great Lakes, outlines recommendations on what can be done to prevent Asian carp from establishing in the lakes.  more...

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