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Newsletter - Thursday 7/19/2012


Chicago YC Race to Mackinac - Read to join Thornton onboard il mostro

Race to Mackinac 2012, organized by the Chicago Yacht Club, gets underway on July 21. Chicago's light fixture mogul Peter Thornton purchased Puma's Volvo Open 70 il mostro, which they sailed in the 2008-9 Volvo Ocean Race, in hopes of breaking the elapsed record of the CYC Race to Mackinac and he's reuniting il mostro with its previous skipper for the 333 mile race up Lake Michigan to Mackinac Island... Kenny Read.

Roy Disney set the current record in 2002 on his Reichel Pugh 75 Pyewacket, an elapsed time of 23 hours 30 minutes and 34 seconds. This year Thornton will be up against the very well sailed MaxZ86 Windquest.

Thornton had been out of sailing since 2006, but got the bug again and was itching to go sailing again. What a big itch! His previous boat was the GL70 Hula. His track record was pretty good with a first to finish in the 2005 Mac and winning his division five times.

Lake Central freshman ready for her first 'Big Mac'

Elise Smith learned that her gymnastics career would require her to take cortisone shots to continue competition, and her knees weren’t prepared for the strain.

So, the Schererville teenager picked a sport that required less impact and more math.


Smith started competitive sailing, and when the 104th Chicago to Mackinac race takes off Saturday, it be the first for the 14-year-old who is following in her father’s footsteps.

“I’ve always been competitive at everything, with everyone,” Smith said. “I had to do something competitive after I was out of gymnastics. I really liked sailing.”  more...

Lake sturgeon population still rare

Lake sturgeon can grow to lengths of six feet, weights of 200-plus pounds and live to be a century old, though not many do.

While the larger fish are extremely rare, the population of smaller, younger lake sturgeon seems to be expanding quickly.

"They're still pretty rare," said Jeff Tyson, an ODNR biologist at the Sandusky Fish Research Unit. "On a good year we'll have 30 to 40 reported sightings."  more...

Feeling Superior

"Lake Superior is the biggest, deepest, cleanest, coldest and roughest of all the Great Lakes," said the captain of the tour boat as we cruised out of Munising, Michigan, average snowfall 250 inches, to view the Pictured Rocks National Shoreline.

Pictured Rocks is a spectacular display of multicolored sandstone cliffs and geologic formations, soaring to a height of 200 feet above the lake, and extending for more than 12 of the 42 miles of shoreline within the boundaries of the national park or shoreline. Their different colors or striations result from the various minerals which seep out along their length, offering photographers a rich palette from which to create images equal parts color, light and perspective.  more...

Shipwreck group seeks information about sunken Lake Michigan schooner

What happened to the two-masted schooner that caused it to sink off the shores of South Haven more than 100 years ago? Which vessel might it be, of the many that sunk during those dangerous times?

Ken Fagerman, vice president of the Southwest Michigan Underwater Preserve, said those are among the questions his group hopes to answer over the coming months as it examines artifacts and remains of the 80-by-20-foot wooden ship found covered in the sands at the bottom of Lake Michigan approximately 5 miles out from South Haven in the protected waters of the preserve.  more...

At 85, Iowa-bred sailor prepares for 50th Mackinac race

Don Glasell grew up in Iowa — not exactly a mecca for competitive sailboating.

But when he was 13 and visiting relatives in Chicago, Glasell fell in love with the sport. Perhaps it was inevitable. After all, he is the nephew of boatyard owner and 13-time Race to Mackinac winner Ole Karas.

By the time Glasell moved to the city in the 1950s, Uncle Ole's racing days were over. But in 1954, Glasell joined a crew in the Chicago Yacht Club's annual race to Mackinac Island, Mich.

Now 85, the Near North Side sailor will enter the race this weekend for the 50th time in 58 years. The race, which organizers say is the world's longest on fresh water, takes about two days for most boats to complete. That means Glasell has spent more than three months of his life competing in the event sailors refer to as the Mac.  more...

2012 CYC Race to Mackinac - Race Information

Website for the 2012 CYC Race to Mackinac - Find it here.  more...

MyNorth.com's Guide to Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac Island 2012

Mackinac Island Events: Here at MyNorth.com, we tend to get very excited about all kinds of goings-on in Northern Michigan. We love to celebrate everything and anything which recognizes the wild beauty of our remote paradise and want to share it with everyone who has the same attachment to clean, fresh water lakes, deep green forests and impossibly vivid sunsets. Officially called the Chicago Yacht Club Race to Mackinac Island, "The Mac" is a perfect example of a Northern Michigan event. more...

Search of Chicago's Lake Calumet turns up no Asian carp

Silver carp, commonly known as Asian carp, were thought to have infiltrated Lake Calumet, near the great lakesNo Asian carp were found in last week’s intensive search for the voracious species in Chicago’s Lake Calumet, not far from Lake Michigan.
The Asian Carp Regional Coordinating Committee – a group of federal and state agencies – reported Monday that the three-day search that involved commercial crews, electrofishing boats, seine nets and more caught more than 6,300 fish of more than 30 different species, but no bighead or silver carp known more popularly as the invasive Asian carp.  more...

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