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Newsletter - Tuesday 5/28/2013


Canadian firm's nuclear waste plan near Lake Huron stirs Michigan fears

A Canadian company's plan to store nuclear waste near Lake Huron is alarming environmental groups and some Michigan lawmakers, who fear the project could eventually harm the Great Lakes.

For years, Ontario Power Generation has pushed to construct a deep geologic repository ó a massive underground storage facility to handle low- to intermediate-level nuclear wastes ó on the grounds of its Bruce nuclear facility near Kincardine, Ont. The company wants to locate its storage facility 2,230 feet below the ground and three-quarters of a mile from the Lake Huron shore.  more...

Non-native species invade Lake Erie

An Asian carp was pulled from the Scajaquada Creek where it flows into the Black Rock Channel. Now, take a moment and catch your breath. This occurred May 17, 2007.

It appears to be the only documented Asian carp plucked from Buffalo Niagaraís waterways.

And itís likely that the fish had been previously sterilized by man and dropped into the waters to help control underwater plant growth, according to a SUNY Buffalo State scientist whose late colleague snagged the fish.  more...

Climb a Michigan dune and see it all

When you dig your hands and feet into the sand of one of Michiganís towering dunes, youíre participating in thousands of years of history.These enormous sand formations along the stateís Lake Michigan coast were formed, like the Great Lakes themselves, by glaciers dominating the land of 16,000 years ago. When those glaciers retreated and melted, they left behind the rocks and clay that eventually, through erosion, became the dunes.  more...

Larry Davis is a veteran waterman who enjoys helping anglers catch Lake Erie's yellow perch

For more than half a century, Larry Davis made a living from the wide waters of Lake Erie and the remnants of the Black Swamp, a fertile marsh once covering much of Northwest Ohio. If the commercial fisherman had grown up around the Chesapeake Bay instead of Reno Beach, just east of Toledo, he'd be known as a waterman, a rugged breed of outdoorsman with the skill set to fish, trap and hunt in order to keep the home fires burning.  more...

Warming Lake Superior already affecting fish

Warm water might already be changing the makeup and distribution of fish in Lake Superior, a new study suggests.

Increasing water temperatures over the last three decades have made conditions more favorable for chinook salmon, walleye and lean lake trout but less favorable for cold water-loving siscowet lake trout.

The research was conducted by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, funded by Wisconsin Sea Grant and led by Tim Cline, now at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington.  more...

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