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Newsletter - Thursday 6/20/2013


Low Water Levels Get NBC Nightly News Coverage

See Video ... more

Y’all in the Great Lakes wouldn’t have just slaw with your Coke and crawdads

A while back I wrote about the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, a phrase language experts use to describe an accent particular to our region.

It’s not just the accent. A North Carolina State University statistics graduate student recently published a series of maps showing regional variation in word use.

A good one is the generic phrase we use to describe a sweetened carbonated beverage. The map created by Joshua Katz shows that people on the West Coast and in the Northeast call it soda. In the south it is referred to as Coke – even when it’s a beverage other than Coke. more...

Little things, big problems: Invasives impacting culture

Last year, the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative began producing a series of educational videos about invasive species in the Great Lakes for the National Park Service. New videos are being uploaded this spring, and you can watch the entire “Little Things, Big Problems” series here on Echo.  more...

Mayflies' return means a healthier Lake Erie

Lake Erie's mayfly population is surviving and showing no signs of trouble despite water quality problems over the last few years that have caused alarm.

The pesky but harmless winged insects are starting again to rise out of the lake along Ohio's northern shore.

One researcher said the annual invasion is a good sign because mayflies are an indication of a healthier Lake Erie.  more...

EPA says Sheboygan River no longer an 'area of concern'

The US Environmental Protection Agency has announced the completion of all dredging and habitat restoration projects required to remove the Sheboygan River 'Area of Concern' from a list of toxic hot spots identified in the 1987 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement.   more...

Take A Summer Lighthouse Tour in Pure Michigan

Did you know that Michigan is home to more lighthouses than any other state? With the official start of summer just days away, it’s the perfect time to plan a Michigan lighthouse tour. More than 115 lighthouses are scattered up and down the coasts of Pure Michigan, guiding sailors and capturing imaginations. Some still shine for ships, others share their stories with us first-hand as museums, as bed and breakfasts and as Michigan history in the making.  more...

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