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Squeeze Play


If you are like many Trailer Boats readers, keeping an eye on your boat’s batteries can be a pain in the neck — literally. Improper water levels in the cells are one of the most common causes of battery failure in marine, RV and commercial vehicles. Yet, on many boats, the batteries are in a location that is not easy to access when it comes to checking battery water levels.

Flow-Rite (616/243-2750; flow-rite.com), known for its livewell and baitwell water management systems, is also a  leader in single-point battery watering systems. The company has taken its battery maintenance expertise in the commercial realm and used it to solve the battery maintenance problem on boats with an innovative automatic system called the Qwik-Fill.   more...

The Qwik-Fill system replaces standard wet-cell battery caps with a pair of manifold-like caps that allow the cells to be filled perfectly without even seeing or touching the batteries.

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