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The Hacker Boat Company


Gleaming mahogany runabout motorboats - play things of the rich and famous, renowned for their record-breaking speed, and now prized by collectors - were once manufactured in Mount Clemens, Michigan, by the Hacker Boat Company. Hacker Craft boats are known the world over for their fine craftsmanship and sleek V-bottom design which allowed greater speed at lower horsepower.

The Hacker Boat Company was founded in Detroit by John Ludwig Hacker, a native of Detroit who had shown an interest in boats and naval architecture as a youth. Hacker was born on May 24, 1877, and studied speedboat design by correspondence course while working as a bookkeeper in his father's business. He developed a design for a hull which would produce maximum speed and efficiency, and his success prompted him to go into the boat-building business.    more...



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