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Ohio exceeds milestone of 100 bald eagle nests


COLUMBUS - A record-breaking 105 bald eagle nests have been verified by state wildlife officials so far this spring in Ohio, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife.
"Reaching the milestone of 100 eagle nests is great news for Ohio, especially considering that only 25 years ago, eagles were nearly gone from our state," said Steven Gray, chief of the Division of Wildlife.
"The bald eagle's success is a good indicator of how habitat in Ohio has improved and of how eagles have adapted."
A decline. In 1979, there were only four bald eagle pairs nesting in the state.
Pesticides and loss of habitat were major contributors to the eagles' population decline.
To restore this national symbol in Ohio, the Division of Wildlife committed to a series of management actions, including habitat restoration, fostering young eagles, and extensive monitoring.   more...


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