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Bridge sees many ups and downs


Using equipment that's almost as old as he is doesn't bother James Qualls very much.

A Seventh Street Bridge tender, Qualls, 74, has spent eight summers making sure boats can pass under the Port Huron bridge built in 1932.

"You really get busy in July with the sailboats," he said.

But with seven decades of use and no major repair work done, city officials are getting worried.

They have set aside $700,000 to complete engineering studies should the city secure state funding or an emergency repair situation arises for the 72-year-old bridge.

The earmarked money is part of the city's 2004-05 capital projects plan. Overall costs for repairing the bridge could reach $8 million, officials said.

But there's no knowing when or if Port Huron will get the help it needs.    more...


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