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A More Solemn Opening Day


 Trout season will open in Michigan on April 29th. Fly fisherman across the state will wade into Michigan’s treasured cold water streams to once again pursue their sport with passion. Sadly A fellow angler that has contributed more than can be accounted will be unable to join them. We have recently learned that December 10th, 2005 was marked by the passing of Ernest Schwiebert (Ernie), one of fly fishing’s greatest spirits. These are just a few of Ernie’s words:

Everything about our sport (and our cause in terms of TU) is beautiful. Its more than five centuries of manuscript and books and folios are beautiful. Its artifacts of rods and beautifully machined reels are beautiful. Its old wading staffs and split-willow creels, and the delicate artifice of its flies, are beautiful.



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