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LAKES PROTECTION: Speak out for a plan to prevent water exports


The job of saving the Great Lakes from diversions needs the active involvement of Michiganders. The first public opportunity comes at 6 p.m. on Aug. 30 at the St. Clair Shores City Hall.

The outcry was huge in 1998 when a small Canadian company wanted to take Lake Superior water by the boatful to Asia. Equally disturbing to many people is the bottling of spring water for sale, which continues in Mecosta County in the face of legal challenge.

Such activities wouldn't be likely to suck the lakes dry, but they act as important warning flags in a thirsty world. The tanker plan, in particular, set off alarm bells that pushed the Council of Great Lakes Governors, in conjunction with their Ontario and Quebec counterparts, to negotiate a new framework for water oversight. The current U.S. law -- in which one governor can veto a diversion based on any standard he or she chooses -- was deemed too shaky to hold up under international trade pacts.   more...


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