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Ice strands Harsens Islanders


HARSENS ISLAND David Wells got an unexpected day off from his classes at Algonac High School Tuesday when ice floes 4 feet high and a mile wide blocked auto ferries from making trips on the St. Clair River to his home on Harsens Island.

Being marooned with his younger sisters and grandmother is kind of depressing, the 15-year-old sophomore said, because his parents, Bob and Lisa White, are away from him, stranded on the mainland in St. Clair County.

The family hopes to reunite today, or Thursday, if a U.S. Coast Guard ice-breaking tugboat can forge a path for the car ferries.

I miss the children. Its causing a lot of stress, said Lisa White, who rented a room with her husband at the Colony Motel in Clay Township.

Above-freezing temperatures and an overnight rain Tuesday sheared the ice on the river into impassable floes.

The floes clogged the waterway that 1,000 residents in the winter and about 5,000 in the summer use to get to and from the 9-mile-long island at the tip of Lake St. Clair.   more...


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