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For many, bird watching is their favorite outdoor activity


Humans, it seems, have always been birdwatchers. Our history is filled with accounts of the power and beauty of winged creatures.

The Greek, Egyptian and Arabian cultures tell often of the immortal phoenix that could rise from the ashes. And Native American mythology holds that the Thunderbird, able to make itself invisible and traverse the heavens, gave rise to all other birds each time it lost a feather. Eagles came from the largest quill feathers of the Thunderbird, partridges from smaller feathers, robins and pigeons from the down and hummingbirds and sparrows from the mere, fuzzy filaments on the down.

So it seems natural for us to look to the sky in awe at the skill and beauty of our feathered friends. For more and more humans, bird watching is their favorite outdoor activity.   more...


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