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Safety First


Life rafts are essential carry-along gear for coastal cruisers

Since the 1998 Sidney-Hobart ocean race, when many vessels were broken up at sea during a storm and the crews were forced into their life rafts, there has been intensified interest in what is required for a proper coastal and offshore life raft.

When you’re cruising near the harbor or only 3 to 5 miles off the beach in fair weather, your trusted outboard-powered inflatable dinghy may be your best bet as a life raft. In an emergency that occurs close to shore, where there is good VHF radio reception, the Coast Guard and rescue personnel might reach your vessel before you could even launch a life raft.

However, when the weather turns foul or you venture out of sight of land, 10 to 200 miles offshore, that basic dinghy is simply no longer adequate for survival.   more...


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