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DN Worlds - Geoff Sobering's Journey to the Golds


Photo Credits: Tim McCormick

January 23, 2005:

We all know how it all turned out, but the end-result didn't look so
certain just a few days ago.

My earlier narrative left off Tuesday evening with the prophetic words
"the flurries [have] started.  Radar says there's more coming...".

Tuesday afternoon I got e-mail from Debbie Whitehorse letting me know that the 4-Lakes Club was gearing up to help the Gold-Cup come to Madison if necessary.  I talked with Jerry Simon about his scouting of Mendota and it sounded like it would be a possible place to race.  In the evening, there was a party at Fratello's (Fox River Brewing).  Ron Sherry brought some videos, including an incredible one called "Gods of Speed" about the 2003 European Championship.  This has to be one of the best pieces of film I've ever seen about iceboating.  While we were watching videos and kibitzing about iceboating the snow started in earnest.  By the time we headed back to the hotel it was coming down pretty hard and blowing almost horizontally at times.  more...



Sailing  SNOW  
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