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Fishing For local Kings


Most of the rest of the folks on Lake Michigan have been fishing for salmon for a month or two.

However, in the Charlevoix, Petoskey and Harbor Springs area the salmon season really doesn't start until the middle of July and it doesn't get good until early August. The season, on this part of the lake, will usually peak in late August or early September and peter out late in that month. There are still some dark fish around in October, but those are for the bank anglers.


It looks like it will be a fair season, this year. There seems to be an abundant supply of alewives in the area and that is absolutely vital for the fish and for the fishing. A chat with Dr. Sara Thayer at the Department of Natural Resource's Great Lakes Fisheries Station a few months ago made it clear that the kings in Lake Michigan are in a bit of trouble and much of it relates to the supply of forage fish. The salmon aren't getting enough to eat and as a result, they are staying in the lake much longer than normal.  more...


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