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Peak season upon us for the fall migration of raptors


The coming week to 10 days is all about hawks and other raptors or birds of prey, at least it is if you are tuned into the comings and goings of nature and the turning of the seasons.

For we are entering the peak season for the migratory passage of thousands of hawks, principally broad-winged hawks, around the northwest corner of Lake Erie.

On Sept. 17, 1998, a record of nearly 517,000 hawks soared past hawk-watch sites at Lake Erie Metropark and Pointe Mouillee State Game Area, both along the lake about 15 miles northeast of Monroe, Mich., near the Detroit River mouth. A year ago on Sept. 18, nearly 131,000 hawks and other raptors glided over the sites.

Such spectacular passages have put the region on the ornithological map of North America.   more...


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