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Boaters Entering the U.S.

This is a summary from various sources provided only as a convenience. Check with U.S. border officials, U.S. Government Web sites or publications for current details and changes.

I-68 Form for short U.S. cruises

All persons coming into the U.S. are subject to Immigration and Customs inspection. The U.S. government's I-68 (Canadian Border Boat Landing Permit) allows both Canadian and American people entering the U.S. on a boat to by-pass inspection. You must still "check in" by phone and everyone one board must have a valid I-68. You may only use this form to visit the designated border area for up to 72 hours (3 days). Customs or I.N.S. ports are becoming fewer and further between, so this is a considerable convenience. Boats longer than 30 feet may also require a U.S. customs decal.   more...

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