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The traditional beginning of ice boating is placed in Holland in the middle 1600ís. The first iceboats were actually sailing ships fitted with ice runners. These vessels were used for moving cargo around the bays and canals adjacent to the North Sea. Over the course of time the iceboats original purpose would metamorphosis from a tool of labor to an agile racing machine.

During the past 117 years, Gull Lake has been home for some of the fastest ice yachts in the world. During the year 1886, D.C. Olin of Kalamazoo introduced Ice Boating to Michigan on Gull Lake. Mr. Olin started with the first sail powered craft, and before long, there were several other boats on the lake. It was during the year 1893 that The Kalamazoo Ice Yacht Club was formed. As the story goes: The new iceboat club was an outgrowth of a card-playing club where every kind of card game was played. When it came time to name the iceboats, it was suggested that they be named after the cards.   more...


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