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Tight-Water Trout

July brings hot weather to much of trout country. A blazing noon sun packs people into the shade of our village store, where Popsicle pops and cold cans of soda sweat and drip along with their owners. Keeping comfortably cool is difficult, and itís a problem for trout, too. Major rivers (other than some tailwaters and spring creeks) are dropping in level and warming, forcing trout to seek coldwater spring seeps or other refuges from the heat.

Some trout will move even farther, pushing dozens of miles upstream to reach the cooler flows of small tributary creeks. These might be narrow, alder-lined streams in upstate New York, a swamp flowage in northern Michigan, or a blowdown-choked cascade in Oregon. Wherever it may be, the combination of cooler water and abundant cover offered by small streams can mean fantastic summer fishing.   more...


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