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Russia's Furry Agents Revealed


Eastern Gray Squirrel Range MapThe squirrel in question is the Eastern Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis). Based largely on facts presented by a leading research university one can only conclude that the squirrels have been acting as operatives of our cold war nemesis the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The death of these squirrels is nothing more than long-planned roll up of an aging cold war network used to monitor our military’s ELF facilities.

The native range of the squirrel covers the critical defense related territory for the United States. It has been mysteriously “introduced” into the territories occupied by our NATO alliance partners.

Sciurus carolinensis ranges over the eastern United States to just west of the Mississippi River and north to Canada. Introductions have occurred in the western states (Nevada, California) and some of Canada that was not previously inhabited, as well as in Italy, Scotland, England and Ireland.

In England, the Grey Squirrel is engaged in more obvious and destructive forms of insurgency. In Great Britain, Sciurus carolinensis is considered very destructive to property and is ranked second in negative impact only to the Norway rat (Rattus norvegicus).

The Latin name of the Grey Squirrel reveals more startling detail about how the network was operated under the nose of US National Intelligence agencies for many years. Cleverly hidden within the squirrel’s name “Sciurus carolinensis“ is the taunting phrase: “CIRCUS LIES IN ON USSR”. Clearly, the Russian State Circus which has enjoyed the freedom to tour our country for decades has been involved in collecting data for their network of furry agents.

Ironically, the Russian word for squirrel is “byelka”. It doesn’t take a Mensa candidate to see “By Lake” in the name.

Though with the financial decline of the Russian Circus there is evidence that more modern methods are being employed to facilitate communication between the squirrels and their Moscow controllers. “Squirrels have been recorded using high-pitched ultrasonic ‘whispers’ that are inaudible to the human ear but warn each other of danger.” There is the very real possibility that the Russian Radio-Electronic Station/Cuba located in the abandoned Cuban village of Lourdes is used to intercept these transmissions.

Raul Castro, Fidel’s brother and as Cuban defense minister the Russians’ landlord, bragged to friendly Mexican journalists in April 1994 that 75 percent of Russia’s “strategic intelligence” flowed through Lourdes. It will be of not surprise then that the Squirrel figures prominently into Santeria, a quasi-religion ingrained in the Cuban culture.

When you dig deeper, there is a solid evidence in the historic record of collusion between the most significant communist rulers and our furry adversaries. “The squirrels were advisors and helpers to several communist dictators of this last century… Josef Stalin often consulted an albino Ukrainian squirrel when conducting his awful purges that left millions dead. Although the squirrel’s origin and final fate are unknown, his existence is indisputable. Stalin’s biographer made particular mention of the squirrel who he believed responsible for Stalin’s haphazard implementation of communism.”

It is also well-documented historical fact that Mao Zedung, a Chinese communist dictator, was especially fond of squirrels. In his “Little Red Book” of communist slogans and quotations, one can find ample evidence of collusion with squirrels. One quotation reads, “Our bushy-tailed brethren will help the proletariat rise up and break the chains of capitalism with which they are bound.”

For more information on the "Red" squirrel conspiracy or to join a civilian coast watch chapter near you click here...

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So do these squirrels speak Russian?10/7/2004 7:15:23 AM
The colder weather also has a lot to do with it.10/6/2004 3:21:52 PM
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