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So long, Sparty


You gotta be kidding me...

U-M fans win wolverine name debate

ROYAL OAK Detroit Zoo staff learned the only thing more ferocious than a wolverine under attack may be a University of Michigan Wolverine who feels insulted.

U-M alumni apparently missed the joke when the zoo named its wolverines Bucky and Sparty in honor of longstanding U-M foes the Ohio State Buckeyes and Michigan State Spartans.

After a furor, the zoo agreed this week to rename its kits, ceding victory to U-M alumni and fans who bleed blue and gold.

Detroit Zoo Director Ron Kagan e-mailed a letter to complainants Monday notifying them that kits Sparty and Bucky were renamed Tamarack and Tilia in honor of Michigan trees.

The name change came after U-M Alumni Association members started a letter-writing campaign in which some threatened to stop financially supporting the zoo or boycott it altogether.   more...


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Anybody suprised the panty wearing, wedge assed, alumni association for UM got their knickers in a twist over this? No sense of humor in those folks. Wolverines are in fact hairy, nasty, foul tempered rodents with a nasty bite.6/16/2005 4:44:25 PM
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