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Ten threats: Saving an ancient fish

Great Lakes Radio Consortium - Celeste Headlee

We've been bringing you reports from the Great Lakes Radio Consortium's series 'Ten Threats to the Great Lakes.' Lester Graham is our guide through the series. He says our next report is about an ancient fish that's been disappearing.

Biologists have been concerned about a number of native species that have been disappearing. One of them is the largest fish in the Great Lakes. Over-fishing and gravel mining in riverbeds have wiped out 99- percent of the population of lake sturgeon. Sturgeon used to be common throughout the Great Lakes, but they're a rare sight these days. Celeste Headlee reports... biologists are trying to save some of the sturgeon's spawning grounds:    more...

More information on sturgeon

Sturgeon Project Background

Non-profit group Sturgeon for Tomorrow

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I was quite surprised at the final sentence in your article referencing that OMNR allowed 1 stugeon to be caught per day. I was wondering whether you had a reference for that information. Thanks7/12/2006 4:05:30 PM
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